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Aanvil Jagger is an assassin from Botril who now works for the shadow organization Dust. He works from the Tababrin Headquarters.




God's Telescope[]

The divine gift given to Aanvil by Brummadsaya Medri is known as God's Telescope. This instrument takes the form of an intricate golden eye-shaped monocle. It allows him to see a distance of about 50 miles and see through anything within that range. The divine gift was sealed inside of Aanvil's body, indicated by a red dot under his right eye.


Mud Manipulation[]

This is a technique that Aanvil uses that combines his water and earth affinities. By using this he is able to liquefy the earth itself, including earth based substances. The only condition on this is that the substance must be more earth than mineral, so objects made out of metal or something similar cannot be liquefied.

Bog Manipulation[]

A rare trait, Aanvil has two variations of the combination of his two affinities. His bog manipulation is a combination of his water and earth affinities that allows him to rapidly decay or rot any organic structure. Given he has enough time and magic, Aanvil can even use this ability to rot skin cells.


  • Ground Travel - This is the technique that Aanvil uses most often, where he liquefies the ground beneath and around him, allowing him to travel through the ground freely.
  • Sink Hole - Aanvil liquefies the ground beneath the target, swallowing everything into the ground.
    • Giant Sink Hole - A sink hole large enough to engulf cities.
  • Mud Grab - Aanvil liquefies the ground around a target and shoots the mud at them, then quickly removed the water from the mud, hardening it into earth which restrains the target.
    • Mud Strangle - Aanvil can keep packing mud on to the target, forcing the already placed earth to crack and become tighter and tighter, either suffocating the target from lack of airflow or crushing them altogether.
  • Sink - Aanvil submerges the target in some piece of earth, whether it be a structure like a wall or the ground itself. Usually he will leave parts exposed for various purposes.
  • Rot - This is Aanvil's ability to rot organic matter. By focusing his magic to his palms, he can rapidly rot anything organic that he touches. The more complex the target, the more time and magic he requires to rot it. When using hand to hand combat, if he repeatedly strikes the same spot he can achieve the same goal, but the process takes much longer.