Abasi is the captain of the Storm Sea Pirates. He is a stern man, hardened by the sea, and his crew knows not to disobey him.

Appearance Edit

Abasi has a pitch black coat of feathers, with lavender eyes. He has rather sharp features, with a long, slim beak; his face is accented with various piercings: a ring between his eyes and multiple earrings in each ear. Abasi wears dusty purple, baggy pants that he ties at his mid-calf. He also wears brown boots that reach just above his ankles. He also wears a long faded maroon high-collared trench coat with gold decorations that he balances on his shoulders and doesn't actually put either of the sleeves on. There is also a wide solid bronze circular ring that Abasi wears loosely on his neck.

History Edit

Abasa has taken the last name of Crow, a last name typically given to Kura slaves when the slavers don't care to remember the real ones. Surprisingly, Abasi was never a slave, growing up in the Dejala Canyon then deciding to leave on his own accord. He spent a long time as a crew member to pirate crews in the Dagaran Gulf. He, overti me, built up his power and influence and soon created his own pirate crew, the Storm Sea Pirates.

Abasi has a distaste for both humans and elves, as they are the two species that make up nearly all of the slavers that steal his people.

Equipment Edit

Dead Gun Edit

Dead Gun is a long, sleek, black pistol that Abasi carries with him. The barrel of the pistol has flowers engraved into it and the black metal has a purple-ish sheen to it. He named it Dead Gun due to the number of people he has killed with it. Despite its name, the gun is rather normal, albeit stylish.

Abilities Edit

Metal Manipulation Edit

Abasi is able to manipulate metal using his earth affinity. He mainly uses it as a form style art in order to create objects to hold his explosive brands.

Combustion Manipulation Edit

By mixing his fire and lightning affinities, Abasi is able to create combustive explosions. He has formed this manipulation into a character art.

Explosive Brands Edit

Using his combustion manipulation, Abasi puts glowing orange symbols on objects in order to create explosions. He can detonate the symbols himself remotely, or have them detonate from contact or proximity. He mainly puts these symbols on his metallic creations. Abasi is quite good at utilizing this art and is able to etch the brands quickly into his metal constructs by manipulating the metal itself to create the patterns. This non-contact variation of character arts is extremely rare, albeit limited to metal.

Techniques Edit

  • Tortoise Bombs - Abasi creates spike-ball shaped metal objects with his explosive brands. Throwing these bombs creates large explosions upon contact.
  • Plate Mines - Abasi creates flat metal plates etched with explosive brands that trigger by close proximity. He usually places the mines on the ground but can also throw them like discs, activating the brands in mid-air.
  • Prisoner's Cuffs - Abasi creates a bracelet made of metal to be placed on an opponent. The bracelet has fine needles that penetrate into the person's skin, and explosive brands on the bracelet are set to explode if energy flow is detected. This technique essentially prevents the use of energy manipulation, because if any technique is detected the brands would explode.
  • Explosive Bullet - Abasi quickly etches an explosive brand into the bullet in the chamber of his gun before he fires it, creating a deadly surprise attack.
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