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Adalus is the oldest son of King Alvius Dracia and therefore heir to the Dracian throne.


Adalus is tall man with a muscular build. He has short light brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears embroidered princely robes with red shoulder armor and various pieces of red leg armor.


Adalus was taught to use Pura at a young age from his father, as is custom of a dracian prince. He mastered the technique quite quickly, and soon began to develop more advanced forms of Pura.



Adalus is in possession of the great broadsword Varenina, a powerful blade that has been in countless legends. The blade is able to enhance the fire magic of its user, creating powerful slashes of flames or a giant flaming sword a meter long.


Fire Manipulation[]

Adalus is proficient with his fire affinity, using it to create powerful flames. His articulate control allows him to form various animals from his flames, such as lions and dragons. Adalus' acute control of his fire affinity, while thought to come from all of his royal training, was actually a result of teachings from his mother, who herself wields exceptional control over her magic.


Adalus has mastered the use of Pura, the powerful fire technique known only to the Dracia family. Through rigorous training Adalus was able to unlock a more rare ability of Pura, creating purifying flames that can heal the user. His brilliant flames can heal many physical wounds, causing him to be an immensely powerful adversary.


  • Pyrotic Creation - Adalus is able to create various creatures out of his flames to attack his opponents.
    • Pyrotic Creation: Lion of Sunrise - Adalus creates a vicious lion out of his flames that will attack his opponents. The lion is mostly used for close quarters combat and lacks speed and agility.
    • Pyrotic Creation: Dragon of High Noon - Adalus creates a powerful dragon out of his flames in order to attack his opponents. The dragon is mainly used for distanced attacks, being able to shoot large fireballs from the sky. Adalus also uses this technique as a mode of aerial travel.
    • Pyrotic Creation: Bear of Sunset - Adalus creates a great bear out of his flames that will defend him. The bear is mainly used for defensive techniques, shielding Adalus from attacks.
  • Mending Flames - A powerful adaptation of Pura, Adalus is able to create healing flames that mend the body and remove physical damage.