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Adalus is the oldest son of King Alvius Dracia and therefore heir to the Dracian throne.


Adalus is tall man with a muscular build. He has short light brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears embroidered princely robes with red shoulder armor and various pieces of red leg armor.


Adalus was taught to use Pura at a young age from his father, as is custom of a dracian prince. He mastered the technique quite quickly, having natural talent in energy manipulation.



A powerful energy item from the Bracuria, Varenian is a ?


Fire Manipulation[]

Adalus is proficient with his fire affinity, using it to create powerful flames. Having undergone the standard dracian royal training to increase the output of his energy, Adalus is able to create large, intense flames that he can utilize in battle.


Adalus' acute control of his fire affinity, while thought to come from all of his royal training, was actually a result of teachings from his mother, who herself wields exceptional control over her flames. Adalus has inherited his mother's style of flame manipulation, gravitating towards it as a child as his mothers training was always more gentle and encouraging than the training he underwent under the supervision of his strict father. Adalus is said to be the perfect heir to the dracian throne, mixing the powerful techniques of his father and mother together to create intensely hot flames by tightly weaving his already powerful flames to concentrate them even more.


Adalus, being of royal dracian blood, has been trained in the powerful, characteristic art of the dracian royal family, pura. Adalus' specific pura is Hathor Regalus, one of the most sought after forms of the phase Hathor, and is granted with the mending flame. Adalus is able to create a soft flame that heals physical damage at the cost of energy.


  • Mending Flames - A powerful adaptation of Pura, Adalus is able to create healing flames that mend the body and remove physical damage.
  • Pyrotic Blaze - Adalus sends out multiple thin streams of fire that weave together as they fly through the air, tightening more and more to create a concentrated beam of fire that can shot straight through steel.
  • Mantle of Hathor - An adaptation of his mothers healing mantle technique, Adalus weaves together his mending flames in a cloak that covers the entire body and heals wounds at an accelerated rate.
  • Dragon of High Noon - Adalus uses hundreds of streams of flame to weave together a large dragon. Due to the high concentration of flames, the dragon's internal temperature is exceedingly high and Adalus uses it as almost his own amplifier. As long as he is connected to the dragon, which he can do by touching it or through a long piece of woven flame, Adalus can fire his techniques through the dragon. These attacks come out at a much higher intensity than Adalus can manage to bring forth himself as the high internal temperature of the dragon enhances the power of his attacks, and are powerful enough to destroy heavy military vehicles in one blow. The dragon is not a machina, and more a weapon that Adalus can move and aim as he pleases, but it cannot move on his own. It is uncertain if the dragon form is necessary for the technique, as it seems to require just an intensely hot chamber, but Adalus was always fond of dragons as a child.