Aeora is the princess of Subros, as well as King Bimon's only daughter.

Because she is the only princess, Aeora is spoiled and treated as a treasure constantly. She has come to loath this and often sneaks away into towns in order to see what a normal life is like.

She is loved by the people of her country, as she is kind and generous. They also believe her to be almost holy due to her dexterity in her manipulation of silver.

Appearance Edit

Aeroa has lavender eyes and light brown hair, that she typically wears pulled back in an intricate bun. She wears a large amount of silver jewelry, so that she may pull from it during battle. She wears thick silver wrist cuffs on both arms, that are intricately carved and have small chains hanging from them. On her right are she wears a slim silver cuff around her upper tricep. The rest of her clothes are made from silky cloth that flows down her body, she wears a thick cloth belt and cloth wrappings on her legs to keep her clothes from flowing too much.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Silver Silk Clothing Edit

All of Aeora's clothing is made from silver silk, making it not only naturally resistant to magic, but also stronger in its composition and have intrinsic healing properties.

Abilities Edit

Silver Manipulation Edit

In almost an homage to her home, Aeora is able to manipulate silver through her understanding of metal manipulation. She typically creates weapons and projectiles from the thick silver jewelry that covers her body, but can also manipulate the silver threaded into her clothing.

Techniques Edit

  • Argentum Blade - Aeora is able to form her wrist cuffs into a long, thin silver blade that she uses to attack. The blade can also build up magical energy to shoot a wave from it when she slices.
  • Silver Silk Web - Aeora is able to manipulate the silver silk in her clothes to trap her enemies, the bods are hard to break due to the durability of the material.
  • Martin Construct - The Martin Construct is a four legged animal constructed of silver that Aerora can create to aid her in battle. It has a small cannon on its back that can shoot pules of magical energy, as well as sharp claws and blades that it can bring fourth from various points in its body. The Martin Construct was created by her with the help of her father when he first learned the nature of her magic.
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