Aga is a member of the Royal Guard in Olirion, sworn to protect Emperor Vastos at any cost.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Being somewhat older, Aga was and adult when slavery still existed in Olirion. He was a slave in Palmira, a small village to the west of the Obelisk. He was routinely beat by his master and developed a hatred for the Ankor. He was eventually bestowed Wrath, one of the Seven Weapons of Sin. He used this blade to kill his master and being an uprising in Palmira. He was later imprisoned, but his actions inspired the Olirion people and uprisings began to spring up all around the country.

When Emperor Vastos abolished slavery within the country, Aga was offered a spot on his royal guard, which he graciously accepted. Though Aga proclaims that he harbors no animosity towards Vastos as he was the one that abolished slavery, the Emperor believes that Aga may have some hidden agenda.

Equipment Edit

Aga used the Sin Weapon Wrath, a flaming great-sword that Aga is very adept at using.

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