Agni is an extremely powerful artifact known throughout the world for its abilities. Said to be created by an ancient and great fire god, Agni takes the form of 7 large white rosary beads connected in a ring by gold string. Each of beads are intricately decorated in golden script that glows when it is in use. While based mainly around fire, the artifact has other, more esoteric uses as well.

The main ability of Agni is that it can create immense amounts of purifying flames. The flames are a light lavender in color and are extremely difficult to put out. It is stated that these flames can wash the sins of the world. Agni can also be used to temporarily bring someone back to life, using its purifying flames in the place of their soul and magical reserves, they are able to use the magic they used before they died and still maintain their fighting ability. While Agni can bring them back temporarily, they are not brainwashed. The flame, if not prematurely extinguished by Agni's powers, will eventually go out, and this time is shortened if they are in battle a lot.

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