Alastair is the 7th Sentry of Dagara, and is therefore stationed in the forested city of Baras.

Appearance Edit

Alastair is a middle aged man with hazel eyes and medium length dirty blond hair. He wears a grey quarter zip jacket with wide dark blue horizontal stripes as well as light brown pants and black shoes. He has a slight beard, but no mustache.

History Edit

Alastair joined the military as soon as he was able, it wasn't until years into his service that he discovered he was a Faran. After continuous digging into the history of the Faran, he discovered the Faran Order and trained with them to gain his elemental reversion.

He eventually rose up high enough in the ranks of the military to become the 7th Sentry.

Equipment Edit

Hexabow Edit

The Hexabow is a compound bow that can shoot 6 arrows at a time. The bow is brass in color and is able to fold down into a thick square rod that Alastair keeps in a black cloth sheath that he carries on his one shoulder like he's carrying a backpack by one strap. He is able to unsheathe and unfold his bow in a matter of seconds, always being prepared for battle.

Abilities Edit

Lightning Manipulation Edit

Alastair is utilizes his lightning affinity to provide an electric current to his arrows, producing a number of advanced and complex techniques.


Alastair is a Faran of Lightning Storms, utilizing the natural energy of lightning storms to generate powerful bolts of lightning. When in his elemental reversion, Alastair has electricity arcing from his body and eyes.

Techniques Edit

  • Voltage Current - Alastair uses this ability to apply electricity to objects or himself. He typically applies this ability to his arrows or hands, but can apply it to a range of objects if needed. He may apply this to objects that don't normally conduct electricity, such as a tree, but not electrically resisting objects, such as rubber.
  • Hexapole Arena - Alastair uses his bow to fire six arrows into the air, landing on the ground in a perfect hexagon, electricity arcs from each of the arrows, creating an electrical zone. Within the zone, Alastair can move extremely fast, as well as shoot lighting from each of the vertices of the hexagon. The electrical energy within the zone is so much, that the air feels static and - after enough electrical energy has been built up - Alastair can call forth lighting from anywhere in the zone, seemingly coming out of thin air.
  • Atlas Bolt - During a lightning storm, Alastair is able to generate a giant bolt of lightning to strike an area, scorching anything within a wide radius. He rarely uses this technique due to its destructive power.
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