Alethea is a true golem created by the Sumeca brothers to work as an assassin and human smuggler.

Appearance Edit

Alethea has fair skin and large brown eyes. She wears her long black hair in a large bun with six pieces sticking out, bound in grey ribbon.

History Edit

Alethea came from a remote community in Stalor, where the female line of her old family trained in blood manipulation as well as passed down the secrets of the vampira body modification. She was captured by the sumeca brothers and turned into a golem.

Equipment Edit

Blood Vials Edit

Alethea keeps multiple vials of blood from different victims, allowing her to power herself up in her vampira form. She has special vials hanging from her hair, as well as larger vats of blood stored in her body.

Syringe Nails Edit

Alethea is able to use her nails/fingers to sap blood from her opponents, helping her add to her arsenal.

Abilities Edit

Blood Manipulation Edit

Alethea uses her water affinity to manipulate blood. She is able to create arm blades from her own blood in order to cut opponents, as well as draw blood from open wounds in her opponents.

Body Modification: Vampira Edit

A secret body modification technique passed down in the female line of Alethea's old family, Vampira allows the user to transform into a more powerful form. The vampira form gives the user increased physical strength, speed, and endurance. The most known ability of this form is that it allows for the user to power up their own attacks using the blood of others, with the attacks being powered up even more when more different people's blood is used.

In her vampira form her skin turns white and black cracks appear around her eyes stretching towards the sides of her face. Her brown eyes turn red and her black hair turns silver.

Techniques Edit

  • Blood Blades - Alethea creates blades on her arms from her own blood. Cuts she makes with these blades are infused with an anti coagulating agent present in her body, causing them to not clot and close up.
  • Bloody Bullets - Alethea fires bullets of her blood from her finger tips.
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