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Alrah is one of the most powerful people in the Black World.



Alrah grew up in poverty, and joined a gang at a very young age. She quickly rose through the ranks due to her power and intellect and became a gang leader at the age of 13. Her power and influence in the underworld slowly grew until she became known as one of the Black 3. She is invested in all sorts of criminal activities from bank robbing to drug trafficking.

Alrah is currently trying to cause an uprising in the government of ???, eventually wanting to take over the country.


Mechanical Dragon[]

Alrah's company managed to create a mechanical dragon from a dying dragon that they discovered. The heart remains intact and the bones were combined with the metal.


Mercury Manipulation[]

Alrah is able to combine her water and earth affinities to create mercury, a combination of water and metal manipulation.

Steam Manipulation[]

Alrah is able to combine her water and fire affinities to create steam.

Air Manipulation[]

Alrah is able to manipulate her air affinity, which she typically uses for information gathering techniques.

Water Manipulation[]

Alrah is able to manipulate water.


  • Mercurius Needles - Alrah creates thin, almost invisible needles out of mercury, and then fires them at her opponents at super fast speeds by using a combination wind and steam enhance on them. This complex technique combines a multitude of high level manipulations and is a testament to her skill.
  • Knowledge of What is Near - Alrah is able to combine her air and water manipulations to use the water present in the air as well as the air itself to passively collect natural energy. This allows her to know where people are in a certain vicinity around her. She maintains this technique almost indefinitely, making it difficult to ever catch her by surprise.
  • Summoning: Steam-Powered Machina - Alrah summons a powerful warrior made of steam to fight by her side. The warrior can create billowing clouds of searing steam, blowing opponents away.