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Alrah is an international criminal known under the moniker "the thief". She is one of the three most powerful criminals in the underworld, along with Bellaxandor Mink and Goren Vagri, holding a vast amount of influence and running a myriad of illicit business.



Alrah grew up in poverty, and joined a gang at a very young age. She quickly rose through the ranks due to her power and intellect and became a gang leader at the age of 13. Her power and influence in the underworld slowly grew until she became known as one of the Black 3. She is invested in all sorts of criminal activities from bank robbing to drug trafficking.



Mercury Manipulation[]

Alrah is able to combine her water and earth affinities to create mercury, one of the metallic arts. The mercury art allows Alrah to generate and manipulate mercury, a shiny, toxic, liquid metal that she is able to utilize for high-speed attacks that are both powerful and poison her opponents over time.

Steam Enhancer[]

Alrah is able to combine her water and fire affinities to generate and manipulate steam, which she has generally trained in an enhancer style, providing speed and power to both her body and her techniques. When fighting in close combat, alrah typically steam enhances all of her hits.

Air Manipulation[]

Alrah is able to manipulate her air affinity, which she typically uses for information gathering techniques.

Water Manipulation[]

Alrah is able to manipulate water.


  • Mercurius Needles - Alrah creates thin, almost invisible needles out of mercury, and then fires them at her opponents at super fast speeds by using a combination wind and steam enhance on them. This complex technique combines a multitude of high level manipulations and is a testament to her skill.
  • Censor Net - By creating many droplets of water and connecting them with thin wisps of air, Alrah is able to spread an invisible net of her energy around a large area that allows her to gather real-time positional data. Basically she is able to see where anything with an energy signature is within a given distance.