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Alvius is the current King of The Kingdom of Dracia. He is a clever man that puts his country first, he is also very elegant and kingly.





Flameward is a lavish sword that has been passed down in the Dracian family for generations. It was said to be made by master artificers in a faraway country and brought back by an old Dracian king. The sword has a reddish blade and a golden hilt. It has the ability to completely negate any energy attack that is based in the fire affinity. It can absorb the energy from the attack, nullifying it almost instantly.


Fire Manipulation[]

Alvius has immense power in his fire affinity, able to send out incinerating flames of amazing strength.


Alvius is a proficient user of Pura, the special art style of the Dracian Royal Family. He mainly employs it by sending forth raging flames like a flamethrower from his hands.


  • Great Flame - Alvius create a large fireball and fires it at an opponent, causing a large inferno to break out in the surrounding area.
  • Pura - The powerful signature art of the Dracia family. Alvius creates brilliant flames that fire fourth from his hands like flamethrowers.