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Andro Dracia is the forgotten son of the Dracian family. He is the middle child of the family and dissociated with them following the exile of his uncle. Andro is highly skilled and always seems extremely happy, even when in life or death fights and other situations.



Andro was never close with his father, Alvius Dracia. His father was always busy so he never spent time with him. Andro's uncle was who he spent most of his time with. His uncle had taught him to always smile and try to find happiness in every situation. It was discovered that Andro's uncle, who was believed to not have an affinity, possessed the water affinity. He was labeled as a disgrace to the royal family and banished from the capital city. He struggled to find work for years because of the public disgrace and eventually ended up killing himself. This event was believed to be what broke Andro, since he was the closest to him. Since then, Andro has not stopped smiling, always claiming to be happy.



Flame Manipulation[]

Andro is very skilled with his fire affinity, being able to focus a lot of power into his techniques. He focuses on destruction when he fights, creating giant smoldering fireballs or causing columns of fire to emerge from the ground.


Andro developed his Pura in a special way. Andro is able to burn the energy of other attacks. This gives him a large edge in battle and provides superb energy defense.