Anyaala is the current monarch of Entarai. She is both highly intelligent and extremely adept in her art abilities. Anyaala is said to be much much older than she seems, as nobody can remember a ruler before her. She is a gracious monarch, and cares very much for her people.

Oddly enough, Anyaala seems to have some sort of personal history with Vastos of Olirion. Even though Entarai and Olirion have no official relations. Both Vastos and Anyaala seem to not give much about the subject when asked.

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Inisi and Inenga Edit

Anyaala is said to be possessed by Inisi and Inenga, two ancient deities present in Entarai legends. Long ago Anyaala performed a dangerous ritual to gain their favor. The two deities bestow ancient and ominous powers that are ritualistic in nature.

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  • The Calls of the People - Anyaala can call upon the ancestors of Entarai, summoning an army of ghostly figures in tribal masks.
  • Inenga's Trial - Anyaala can invoke the spirit of Inenga, donning mystical armor and golden immaculate claws. The claws radiate with a strange energy that can cut through most objects and is especially potent to anything made of energy.
  • Iron Totem Palace - Anyaala can invoke the spirit of Inisi, calling down tribal iron totems from the sky. The area within these totems becomes part of Inisi's palace. Within this area, Anyaala cannot be hurt by any physical or energy means, as Inisis's will is ultimate within this area. While this technique is extremely powerful, holding a part of Inisi's palace in the mortal plane drains an enormous amount of energy from Anyaala, even causing physical harm if held too long. Anyaala typically uses this technique in conjunction with Inenga's Trial, as the armor increases her energy endurance.
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