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Apollon's Gallery refers to six blades created by the legendary Silverden bladesmith Shim Apollon.



Model 01[]

Apollon's Model 01 is a thick blade both in width and depth. It has a single-edged industrial grey blade with high durability and cylindrical pins in the flat side of the blade. The handle is made from a dark rubber composite material and has a hand guard that resembles a smaller version of the handle. The sword has the numbers "01" printed on it in white near the guard. Despite appearance, the weapon is extremely light in weight. The guard and handle house a mechanism that is able to change the density of the blade drastically by flowing energy into it, multiplying the energy tenfold. The inner handle has three triggers on it. One trigger is a safety, which locks the other two triggers while it is not held down. The other two triggers are a release to return the sword to its normal weight and an overdrive trigger which multiplies the density exponentially more. The overdrive feature overheats the density mechanism which will need to cool down before the next use. When the release trigger is pulled, the pins slightly pop out of the blade, accompanied by a hissing sound.

Model 02[]

Apollon's Model 02 is made of a flexible steel blue material. The shape of the blade resembles a thin bokken. The guard is a reel that holds the energy string. The handle is made of a charcoal-grey textured synthetic material with a grip that has grooves for the fingers. The weapon displays its model number "02" on the bottom of the handle. The weapon creates a red energy wire. This wire is spooled up inside of the reel mechanism and extends along the mock-blade edge of the weapon to the tip. The weapon can be used like a fishing pole, where a hook will form from the energy and latch onto objects, or as a sword with the energy wire along the blade acting as an edge.

Model 03[]

Apollon's Model 03 is a weapon comprised of only a hilt. This weapon is made of mostly white materials, resembling two small high-tech katana handles attached at the end. The hilt of this weapon has a mechanism that uses pressure points in the hand to determine the shape of a red energy blade emitted from it. This blade can take on multiple forms of varying size and length, and energy can be emitted from both ends of the weapon. The weapon can also detach and split into two, with each piece being able to shape into a different weapon. The numbers "03" are printed on the center of the weapon where it detaches, with the numbers continuing at a right angle when the weapon is in its detached form.

Model 04[]

Apollon's Model 04 is made of a matte material designed to not reflect any light. It is a short sword that is completely black with a modern katana style handle. The mechanism of this weapon vibrates at a specific frequency that creates destructive interference, canceling out all noise. This mechanism can create up to a 6ft diameter field of noise cancelation depending on how much energy is pushed into the weapon. the model number is displayed on the mid-section of the blade in off-black.

Model 05[]

Apollon's Model 05 is shaped like a kendo, with the slats made out of a high resistance polymer material and a solid mechanical core. The entire "blade" of this weapon is considered the mechanism, where if energy is applied to the weapon the blade converts inertia into heat, which superheats the core of the mechanism. The model is printed on one of the slats above where they bulge in black. The slats are a light grey/aluminum on the outside with a bold red-orange coloring on the inside of them. The handle of the weapon is roped with black cord and has controls on it to activate the extra functions of the weapon. These functions include a light that can be emitted from the center mechanism because it will store some converted heat energy at all times and a function that will release the heat in the core mechanism in order to create a superheated field around the blade capable of cutting through steel (like a lightsaber).

Model 06[]

Apollon's Model 06 is a nigh-indestructible blade that is able to disrupt energy. The blade resembles a katana with a double hilt. The top hilt is smaller and has a mechanism that rotates when energy is applied to it, creating the red energy disruption lining. The lining covers the perimeter or the blade and any energy that touches it will get corrupted. This corruption doesn't completely negate the attack but it will weaken it. The blade itself is charcoal black. The mechanism is a complex contraption that has the model number "06" printed on a plate of it. The bottom handle resembles a classic katana handle with burnt orange wrappings.