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Arachnid is the 8th Lock of Rhazan's strongest hybrids. He is a cruel and sadistic man that gains much pleasure in torture.

Arachnid is extremely loyal to Rhazan, and will do anything asked of him without question.


Arachnid is of medium height and slender build. He has the iconic grey skin of hybrids and pitch black hair, with pitch black eyes. His mouth almost seems a little too wide for his face and is usually curled into a cruel grin.

Arachnid has the roman numeral VIII on the left side of his neck, indicating that he is the 8th lock.




Bone Spider[]

Arachnid has perfected his Bone Spider Techniques to a deadly level. This magic allows him to manipulate his own bones, making a nauseating cracking sound when his techniques are employed. Many of his techniques are based around spiders, as he states that they are some of the most ruthless animals on the planet.

Body Modification: Spider Nest[]

Arachnid has a colony of rare spiders living within his bones and organs. These spiders make the paralytic poison that he uses in his attacks. Another special ability of these spiders is that they can weave tissue-like silk, allowing Arachnid to survive attacks on his organs that should be fatal.


  • Bone Dart - Arachnid can fire small bone darts from any point in his body, making it difficult to catch him off guard.
  • Webspinner - Arachnid is able to create a bow out of his own bones, he can fire this bow with extreme precision, and even attach web-like material on the end of the arrow, entrapping an opponent.
  • Huntsman - Arachnid manipulates his jaw to form the jaws of a huntsman spider, dripping with paralytic poison. He also manipulates his hands to form large spinning drills of bone. In this form his speed is largely increased and he rushes at his opponents, attempting to immobilize them with a couple bites before piercing them with his drills.
  • Harvest Festival - 8 of Arachnid's ribs tear from his back and elongate to create spider-like legs. These legs are each tipped with potent poison, causing paralysis if the opponent is struck too many times.
  • Harvest Frenzy - Arachnid causes multiple bones to rip from his body, creating even more "legs". These legs tend to be longer and are thus harder to dodge due to the length and number of them.
  • Birdcatcher - While using Harvest Festival or Harvest Frenzy, Arachnid can shoot his legs into the ground, causing large bone spikes to erupt from the ground, impaling his opponents.
  • Widow - Arachnid manipulates his skull, causing a spider-like head made of bone to encapsulate his own head. In this state he is no longer necessarily sane, filled only with blood lust. He attacks his opponents at incredible speeds, and whoever he kills he imediately begins to consume them, tearing at their flesh with the bone legs coming from his back.