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Ariendress is a member of Primordial Dawn. She is often called by her nickname "Arie". Like her younger brother Rymen Elios, Arie is part of a very small minority of tynar born without an affinity. She is a powerful Faran that was trained by Kala, the very same Faran that trained Enix Myrtemer, her adoptive father and mentor.


Ariendress has long, golden blonde hair that flows down to around her mid back. She wears an all red body suit as well as a red scarf that covers her neck and the bottom half of her face. She also wears spark gloves and boots that are made to produce a natural flame that she can then amplify and control.




Rhodendrum is a Titan that Arie refers to as her "pet". He is massive and destructive and is kept on a long chain that Arie holds. Rhodendrum emits a suppression field that prevents possessions from taking place, making it extremely difficult for people with demon or god possessions, or any other kind of possession to fight in his vicinity.



Ariendress is a Faran, a rare and powerful master of energy manipulation that is capable of manipulating natural energy present in the environment. Arie is even more rare in that she is attuned to two separate environments, giving her the ability to manipulate and draw power from both. Ariendress is both the faran of the Sun as well as the faran of blazing fields. Her first environment - the sun - allows her to draw power from the sun that is dependent on both the time of day and the clarity of the sky, as she needs to be in as direct of contact with the sun as possible. Not only is she able to draw energy from the sun, but Arie can also utilize solar energy to super-heat her surroundings, causing things to catch fire due to the extreme heat. Arie's second environment - blazing fields - allows her to manipulate natural flames as well as gain an energy boost from flame-filled environments, such as a burning field or a burning building. Arie is able to increase and decrease the intensity of natural flames, being able to turn small sparks from her gloves and boots into large infernos.


  • Tyranny of the Sun - Arie sparks her gloves and shoots a large pillar of fire towards the sky, creating massive ball of flame that floats in the air and fires down fireballs onto the battlefield.
  • Scorching Corona - Using solar energy, Arie is able to concentrate solar energy in a specific area, setting everything within that area ablaze. She is freely able to manipulate the size and shape of that area, and seems to be unaffected by the heat even when she is in the center of it. She can also concentrate the energy away from her, in just about any area she can see with her eyes.
  • Tidal Plume - Arie sparks her boots, jumps in the air, does a front flip, and drives her heel towards the ground. As she does this, a large plume of fire rises from behind her and rushes to the front of her in a large high arc, spreading like crashing waves as it hits the ground.