Ariendress is a member of Primordial Dawn. She is often called by her nickname "Arie".

Appearance Edit

Ariendress has long, golden blonde hair that flows down to around her mid back. She wears an all red body suit as well as a red scarf that covers her neck and the bottom half of her face. She also wears red gloves and boots.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Rhodendrum Edit

Rhodendrum is a Titan that Arie refers to as her "pet". He is massive and destructive and is kept on a long chain that Arie holds. Rhodendrum emits a suppression field that prevents possessions from taking place, making it extremely difficult for people with demon or god possessions, or any other kind of possession to fight in his vicinity.

Abilities Edit

Sun-Fire Manipulation Edit

Ariendress is able to fuse her fire and light abilities to create flames that are as hot as the sun.

Techniques Edit

  • Tyranny of the Sun - Arie creates a massive ball of flame that floats in the air and fires down fireballs onto the battlefield.
  • Scorching Corona - Arie is able to generate a large corona emanating from her body, setting everything within a specific vicinity to her ablaze.
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