While once rare, practitioners of arts are quite common in the modern world. However, not all who use arts use it at the same level of skill, and there are different classifications denoting your status on how skilled of a user you are. Your class is an international indicator of your adeptness at using your art, and covers a wide range of fields, not just the military. For most countries, class have no impact on socioeconomic status. The 12 classes are named after each month of the year. The first 6 months are not chronologically categorized and stand for adeptness in specific fields. The last 6 months are categorized based on combat strength with July being the weakest and December being the strongest.

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The June class is assigned to top medical professionals and top professionals in the healthcare fields. The June class is given to those who have excelled in the arts and techniques that are needed in healthcare, and know a plethora of healing and medical techniques.

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The strongest combat class, the December class

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