Ascith is the court wizard under Baron Heirgin in Alfenar, Koskain. She is a loud and ambitious woman who is not above using trickery to get her way. She follows the ideology of Heirgin that money comes before morals. Ascith is a powerful court wizard that has overtime accumulated a large amount of political sway and money for Alfenar.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Ascith was a prodigy at the school of court wizard training in Alfenar. She was, like all of the other students in the province, taken from her parents at a young age and trained as a court wizard in a boarding school for 11 years. She is quite famous for destroying her opponents is record time during their final exam, which is an all or nothing combat exam.

Equipment Edit

Wizard's Staff Edit

Ascith carries a wizard's staff around that she uses in battle. The staff is made of cherry-wood and has a large golden cube on top, which is tilted so that a corner points towards the staff. The cube is supported by three prongs that come out of the shaft of the staff.

Abilities Edit

Lightning Manipulation Edit

Ascith is a powerful practitioner of lightning manipulation, and carries no reservations about decimating those that stand in her way.

Techniques Edit

  • Bolt Strike - Ascith fires a powerful bolt of lightning at her opponent from the cube on her staff.
  • Bolt Clap - Ascith raises her arms to her sides with her fingers spread and static begins to arc across her hands. Thin streams of lightning travel towards each of her fingers as she brings her arms in front of her clapping her hands and a large thin vertical blade of lightning is shot forward at extremely high speeds.
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