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Ahswood is a small country on the southern shore of Valar. A mysterious country, Ashwood had few international relations, and has become even more averted to international relations since Rhazan took over.


Most of the country is covered in dense forest, with outcropping cities around the country connected by long, dark roads. Forests on the eastern edge of the country has been cleared away for agricultural production, but a lot of the country has been largely untouched.

The Silent Forest[]

The silent forest is a strange and hostile place in the center of the country, where people say that dark spirits and mysterious beasts lurk in the shadows. The forests is densely packed with dark-leafed Opifer Trees, whose black leaves darken the sky above. Very little wind is able to penetrate into the silent forests, making everything very still and stagnant. A thick fog seems to always be settled low in the forest, making it difficult to see far in any direction.


Grimm Shaw[]

The current capital of Ashwood, Grimm Shaw has become the base of operations for Ryazan and Ghost. Within Grimm Shaw is where Ryazan carries out his strange experiments and creates the Hybrids. The city is located in the center of the Silent Forest, making it a difficult place to invade. There are only two roads leading to the capital, the road from the east through the city of Black Hollow and the road from the west through the city of Arcanum.

Black Hallow[]

An old military outpost that is now used by Ryazan. Prison is stationed here to hinder invasion attempts.


Another key strategic outpost that Ryazan posts a guard at. Europa is the designated protector of this location.


The last holding place for the resistance against Ryazan. The un-corrupted denizens of Ashwood make a last stand here. While Ryazan continually sends hybrids to go destroy the city, the barrier that the resistance has been able to establish has held up so far.



Iconic Locations[]