Asura is an icy assassin that was one of the 5 orphans from Hariko village. She eventually finds herself training with the current Oni, Kai Hikari, after living on the streets in Dracia. She eventually becomes a spy in Nightwhich, and works in the Oni force until she creates SIRA.

Appearance Edit

Asura wears a tight black long sleeve shirt that comes up to cover the bottom half of her face in a tight mask. She wears faded blue cropped jeans and black boots as well as black gloves. She wears her hair in a pony tail with straight bangs. He hair is silvery white in color that fades into an icy blue on the tips.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Tracker Clips Edit

Asura has these small clips that she can attach to clothing or items that relay their location to a small device that she keeps on her.

Abilities Edit

Ice Manipulation Edit

Asura was trained from a young age by the Cerule of Deep Lake, giving her impeccable control over her art and allowing her to create complex techniques. She manifested her water affinity to manipulate ice, which she uses to stealthily take down her opponents. She can disappear into a cold mist as well as form sharp shards of ice within the mist to attack her opponent from all sides.

Techniques Edit

  • Concealing Mist - Asura can create mist and allow herself to hide within it.
  • Icicle Swarm - Asura can create sharp needles of ice by condensing water into the air, firing it at her opponent from all directions at once.
  • Lady of the Lake - A compound technique that requires all four of the SIRA elite squad to work. The four members create a dense mist by making continuous deep breaths in unison, which they then blow this towards the opponent. If the opponent is hit by the mist, they are trapped in an extremely elaborate illusion technique that places them in the middle of a large lake, standing on top of the water. A large, feminine humanoid apparition then arises from the lake and can be used to strike the victim, when the victim strikes out the apparition turns to mist and reforms. This technique is used mainly in interrogation but can also be used in combat.
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