​Avix is the deity that the people of Viridian believe in. Avix has a heavy presence in Viridian, to the point where the Saint is believed to be blessed by Avix and only those who carry his blessing can become Saint. Avix is depicted as a holy knight, covered head to toe in the Armor of the Heavens, a white diamond like shimmering armor (resembles Clause's 5star outfit). It is said that 1,000 years ago when Viridian was overrun with demons, during the Battle of Caldrow where the demons had the last group of Viridians cornered, Avix came down with a fiery lance made of light, named Eden, and vanquished the demons from the land. He penetrated the soul of Bys, the God of Destruction, with Eden, trapping his soul within it, burning all of his minions to dust.

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