Balbisa was originally from Entarai, but is now the leader of the Banner of Huricus. He resides in the headquarters in Alabasta, training new Demon Hunters and gathering Intel on demonic activity across the world. He is disgusted by demons and rarely gives those possessed by them a chance to explain themselves before he attacks.

Appearance Edit

Balbisa has very dark skin and very curly black hair, that he keeps short. He wears a long dark grey coat that reaches to his ankles and has the Banner of Huricus insignia on the right shoulder. Under the coat he wears a simple black tank top and beige joggers with black boots. He has a prosthetic right arm and leg.

History Edit

Bal was born without his right arm or leg, as they didn't develop while in the womb. For this reason, a local cult believed that he was the physical incarnation of a demon that is said to only have a left half. At four years old, his home was broken into, his parents were murdered, and he was kidnapped to be used as an offering in order to summon the demon he was believed to be related to. Before he was sacrificed, the cult was raided by the Banner of Huricus and he was taken in. He has since devoted his life to fighting demons and has a deep seeded hatred for them.

Equipment Edit

Mechanical Arm Edit

Bal has a prosthetic right arm that has a retractable sutrum-edged blade in it. The arm is high quality and made of adriantum, giving it a dark metallic color. The retractable blade is also made of adriantum, making it a black blade lined with the bright orange sutrum.

Abilities Edit

Dark Manipulation Edit

Balbisa is rather adept at manipulating his dark affinity, preferring to shape it into multiple small spheres. He can generate more spheres from the ones he's already created, allowing him to rapidly multiply their number.

Totemic Energy Manipulation Edit

Balbisa has trained to harness totemic energy, incorporating it into techniques that he created himself.

Techniques Edit

  • Totem: Daybreak Palm - A technique that Bal developed specifically for fighting demons, he raises his hand in front of him with his fingers stretched, totemic energy then begins to collect at his finger tips and flow towards the center of the palm. Bal can then fire a beam of energy that is especially effective against demons.
  • Dark Totem: Demon Hunting Spheres - Bal creates a large amount of small black spheres that encapsulate a ball of totemic energy. When the spheres make contact with anything the explode with totemic energy, greatly hurting those possessed by demons.
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