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Ballicora Von, once living in Methos Gran, now works under Goren Vagri as one of his personal guard.


Ballicora has short, sandy, faded looking light brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a black leather jacket with a high collar, ripped jeans, and black boots.


Ballicora was once a rank 2 Sigil Hunter in the guild Zaffre. He was always prone to do his own thing and was at times unreliable, as he chased excitement more than he cared for getting a job complete on time. Never the less, his skill earned him a large amount of renown and fame, especially since he worked for one of the most popular guilds in the country. Even so, he began to become bored of being a Sigil Hunter, as he found there was not as much excitement in the field as there used to be.

He left the guild when he was offered a position to be in Goren Vagri's personal guard, as he believes that he has finally found a job that will never cease to be exciting.




Being a former Sigil Hunter, Ballicora Von makes use of powerful Sigils in combat. He is most notable for the fact that he only employs a single Sigil, as he says it is the only one that fits his "style". He likes to leave things up to chance, as he says its one of the few ways to keep his battles exciting.

Legend Sigils

  • Telumirum Sigil - This powerful legend Sigil is extremely versatile, as it provides a myriad of different abilities. This sigil forms a gauntlet of a randomly decided affinity or mix of affinities in order for the user to utilize in battle. The only known arts generated from the Sigil have been either base affinities or mixes of base affinities (Water but no ice, lava but no molten). Ballicora is skilled enough to where he can cause two simultaneous "spins", meaning that he can have a different art on each arm, instead of one on both. The Sigil takes the appearance of a black spade, heart, diamond, and club on each knuckle of both his hands (thumb excluded), with a thin black line extending from them to a center point at the middle of the back of his hand, where the line continues as a single line to his wrist and stops just before a ring of the digits 1 - 9 in random order around his wrist.