The Banner of Huricus is a faction that has spread throughout the world and is focused on fighting demons. They believe that demons have caused nothing but corruption within the world and despise groups such as the Pillar of the Black Moon and the Jactura, who willingly possess themselves. The faction specializes in fighting demons and develops their fighters with unique skills, weapons, and even magical techniques.

The current faction headquarters are located in the very south of Alabasta, next to the Ruma mountains. The headquarters are only partially visible, with glistening white stone protruding from the base of a mountain. Most of the headquarters are concealed within the mountain, consisting of a network of tunnels and large chambers.

Totems Edit

Totems are techniques developed specifically for fighting demons, they are not any specific affinity and most people can learn at least a low level totem. A large library of every totem that ever existed as well as how to develop totems is kept at the Banner headquarters. It is far easier to learn a previously developed totem than to develop your own. Totems in reality are comprised of normal techniques that have totemic energy incorporated into them. The energy is a pale orange in color, close to the color of sutrum. It takes years of training to harness totemic energy, and many more to incorporate it into your own techniques, this is why it is much easier to learn a previously created totem.

History Edit

It is stated that the faction was started by a man named Huricus, who sought an end to demons in the world. He is said to be the one who discovered that sutrum, a rare and valuable material found in remote places in the world, damage demons and those possessed by them. Sutrum is an orange metal that is strong and sharp yet malleable enough to be made into weaponry. The Banner continues to use sutrum weapons and continues to honor Huricus has a hero.

Members Edit

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