Bayinika is the head of the metaphysical discipline at the famous Ivoria, an academy located in Entarai.

She has a sweet and cheerful personality despite her military background. Although, when necessary, she can become extremely intimidating and should never be mistaken for being a pushover.

She maintains that while she is content with her power, she is still jealous of those who were naturally born with an affinity, as she says that as an academic her one true bliss would be to explore the extents of her own power, instead of borrowing from others.

Appearance Edit

Bayinika has dark brown eyes, dark brown skin, and hair that has grayed from age. Although she is halfway through her 50s, Bayinika still maintains a sharp mind and a fit body, she is more than capable of battle even though she says those days are far behind her.

She wears a lime green turtleneck with light blue jeans. Her outfit is accented with a necklace, a few rings, and pearl earrings.

History Edit

Bayinika was born in Entarai, and from a very young age she wanted to join the military. She was unfortunate in that she was not born with any innate affinity and was unable to manipulate energy. Driven still, she joined the military anyway and rose in rank due to hard work and determination. She was in the military for 8 years before she was given an honorable discharge after getting shot in the spine. It was thought that she would be paralyzed for life, but she gave her all every day during rehabilitation and made an astounding recovery. Though she recovered, Bayinika was still not allowed to rejoin the military, and so she began studying possessions and looking into them as a way to become more powerful so that she might be able to join again. She became fascinated with the topic of possessions, specifically demons, and studied deeply the tethers that connect possessions to their hosts. She began to develop her own method of calling out to Bagorum to make contact with a demon.

Though self taught, Bayinika became extremely knowledgeable of possessions, specifically demonic possessions. She is one of few people in all of history to actually have traveled to Bagorum, spiritually but not physically, more like a sort of astral projection that she was able to do through the use of magical items to compensate for the fact that she cannot manipulate energy. Though she learned much from her endeavors, they did not come without cost. During one of her trips, when appealing to a certain demon to bind to her, she was tricked and the demon stole her heart. Dying, she traveled into Bagorum again to try and find a way to save herself, where she was confronted by Thadora, a demon lord who had been interested in Bayinika after she first entered Bagorum. Thadora saw vast potential in Bayinika and made a deal with her, and in a sense gave her its heart, merging with her in a way that acts as a much more advanced and intimate tether, both saving her life and allowing her access to its arts.

After her ordeals, she became a professor of demonology at Ivoria, where she has been teaching the course for 25 years and has moved up to become the head of the Metaphysical Discipline. She is on friendly terms with Thadora and can occasionally be seen talking to herself when in actuality she is having a conversation with the demon. She solely refers to the demon as they, as she says that Thadora is actually hermaphroditic. They are said to be old even in terms of demons, they have lived seemingly forever and know a boundless amount of information, a perfect partner for an inquisitive mind such as Bayinika and they have helped immensely in her research.

Equipment Edit

Thadora's Heart Edit

By having her heart replaced by Thadora's, Bayinika has achieved a highly advanced form of possession that is likely not seen anywhere else in the world. Due to her condition, she actually has demon blood flowing through her body, making her much more resilient than a normal human. The increased resilience she gains from the demon heart allows her to take on more of Thadora's power without the negative consequences, and her closer resonance with her possession allows her to use techniques without possessing, as technically with the demon blood running through her body she is always possessed.

Demon Blood Items Edit

Realizing the inherent power in her blood, Bayinika began extracting it to use in various energy items of her own making, using her own blood as an energy source.

Abilities Edit

Thadora Edit

Bayinika is possessed by the demon lord Thadora, an immensely powerful demon that has allowed her access to their techniques. Thadora bestows Bayinika with many techniques from the Black Art, an ancient and terrifying art thought to be lost to time. The black art is said to be the most prominent application of the dark affinity, being able to open doors to new affinities within itself. The major drawback is that all of the affinities' abilities are amplified, including the inclination towards madness, making this a dangerous art for those that are not equipped with extremely strong minds.

Techniques Edit

  • Tenebrous Needles - Bayinika is able to create needles out of her black art that she can rapidly fire at an opponent.
  • Black Mirror - Bayinika can create convincing illusions using a large black mirror that she creates, the illusions are powerful and hard to break, but when they do it looks as if a mirror is shattering.
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