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Bellamy is the current Knight Commander of Viridian. He was a member of the Saint's Guard but stepped down to Knight Commander once Cero died in order to insure that there was a strong leader for the militaristic police force of the capital. He is originally from Hartfell and is the brother of the High Priestess Fraice.


Bellamy is a very tall man with long spiky hair that flows backwards with some strands hanging in front of his face. His eyes are white and he usually has a very serious demeanor. He wears the underclothes of the Knight Commander uniform, only wearing the armor pieces when required. He wears the Knight Commander maroon band tied around his waist.




Divine Metal Manipulation[]

Bellamy, like his sister Fraice, possesses a unique combination of the light and earth affinities that has created an incredibly powerful art. Believed to be developed from knowledge of an ancient art, Bellamy utilizes his art by creating long dull iron metal rods that shimmer with light. The art has innate binding capabilities, making it increasingly harder for an opponent to move or use their art when pierced by the rods. Due to his incredibly large reserves of energy, Bellamy is able to generate large amounts of divine metal with little impact on his endurance.

Holy Light[]

Holy light is an energy form expression created around avixian ideals. Based from light manipulation, holy light focuses on meditation to achieve inner peace. The practitioners of this energy form expression believe it brings them closer to Avix's realm in Ilador. The benefit of this practice is a clearer mind, allowing for more agility when using the light affinity as well as quicker thought processing.

Oracle Art[]

Taught to Bellamy by his father, the oracle art is a highly advanced ocular art that uses a specialized light enhance on the eyes of the user. This art allows the manipulation and control of the light that enters the eyes, allowing for a multitude of things such as more light to being taken into the eye and being able to perceive different wavelengths. The major drawback of this art, however, is that it cannot be used in areas where there is no light at all. Bellamy, even having mastered the art, is unable to isolate the techniques of this art in one eye or the other. However, the speed at which Bellamy is able to switch between ocular techniques is unmatched by anyone; Bellamy is able to make multiple instantaneous switches throughout the battle.


  • Divine Metal Creation - This is Bellamy's main and most notorious ability, where he creates long metal rods to use for combat. The length of the rods varies depending on the situation, but usually they are around 5ft long.
  • Divine Metal Iron Box Binding - Bellamy creates multiple divine metal rods and launches them at his opponent, creating an intertwined box around them. He creates the binding sign with his hands to complete the technique.
  • Metal Relic: Fer De Lance - Bellamy creates an incredibly long segmented rod that can act like a snake sword. He can use it in its rod form or have its segments come apart like a snake whip, connected by a wire made of light that runs the length of the rod inside of it.
  • Infrared - This technique allows Bellamy's eyes to pick up infrared light, allowing him to see in thermal vision.
  • Scotopic - Gives Bellamy scotopic vision, allowing him to see in low light conditions even at night.