Bimon Kanno is the King of Subros, one of the free cities on the continent of Glistan.

Appearance Edit

Bimon has pale purple eyes and dark blue dreadlocks that he wears in a ponytail, with some of the dreads hanging under the ponytail. He wears a dark pale purple overcoat on his shoulders, with his arms out of the sleeves. He wears fitted ornate bronze armor under the overcoat. His face has a glowing pattern on the right side that resembles lightning. This pattern has a pale purple glow and is very dim when he is not using his powers.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Lightning Manipulation Edit

Bimon's lightning magic is pale purple in color. He is a very proficient user of lightning magic, and can use various techniques with it. He is known for his unique way that he uses his lightning to teleport around the battlefield.

Techniques Edit

  • Lightning Garden - Bimon creates multiple small orbs of electricity and scatters them throughout the battlefield. While these orbs are visible, they can sometimes be hard to detect. Bimon can then move incredibly fast between each orb, giving the illusion of teleportation. He can create anywhere from 1 to 10,000 of these orbs.
    • Lightning Garden: Lightning Drop - Bimon creates an orb high in the sky, and then travels to it, falling towards the ground at fast speeds. When he hits the ground a large shock wave of lighting is sent forth around him.
  • Shock Minefield - Bimon creates orbs of lightning and spreads them over a small area. He can then detonate these orbs to blow up with electricity.
  • Lightning God Screaming Slash - Bimon holds his hand at his waist with his pointer and index finger extended, and then uses lightning to surge towards his opponent and makes a slashing motion, simulating iaido. He concentrates lightning to his fingers, giving him a longer reach with the slash.
  • Lightning Crypt - Bimon shoots short electric poles at a target, usually in a wide area, guiding the target until the are surrounded by them. The poles then connect to one another with static tendrils that paralyze anyone caught within them. Bimon can then make the poles explode with a strong lightning force.
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