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Birch is a member of the Kraken's Tooth Raiders, one of the most notorious pirate crews in Yuspar.


Birch wears black slacks and no shirt, with an overly scarred chest and back from many fights. He wears grey boots and has ear and nos piercings. He also has a large tattoo of a kraken the starts on his right shoulder and stretches over his chest, back, and right arm.


Birch was a poor kid living on the streets of a small island off the coast of Yuspar, he joined the Raiders when they raided his town, becoming a competent pirate and experienced fighter.


Devil's Grin

Birch is in possession of Devil's Grin, a magical weapon that the crew got from one of their more lucrative raids. The weapon has the appearance of a large black anchor with a long shaft. Wrapped around the rough center of the shaft is a chain that allows birch to throw it around. The Devil's Grin emanates red energy from the anchor head that can cut through opponents with ease. This red energy acts like a blade that floats a couple inches off of the anchor head, extending the reach of the blade.


Fire Manipulation

Birch is able to utilize his fire affinity, though he is not very skilled at it. The near extent of his abilities is to create small flames or fireballs. He also uses this ability to create light in dark places if he ever finds himself without an flashlight.