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The Blades of Aren is a set of legendary swords from Viridian. Each sword is said to have been crafted by Aren, a legendary sword smith, during and event known as the Six Trials. While the blades are numbered and respectfully named one through six, the blades are all equal in power and the number only tells which trial the sword is from.




Also known as the Mountain Blade, Ichi is the 1st blade of Aren. While the Ichi is technically a double edged katana, it is thicker then a normal one and has two hilts, with one being slightly shorter than the other. The blade is made of dull metal and the hilt is made of iron, with white wrappings on it. Ichi is able to drastically change in density, thus becoming much heavier than it is in its normal state. This allows it to break objects and obstacles easily with its shear weight.

Ichi is currently lost.


Also known as the Fisher Blade, Ni is the second blade of Aren. Ni is made out of a single long white bone, and is long and slim with a slight curvature resembling a fishing pole. The blade is wrapped half way up the weapon with black bandages. Ni has the ability to create a fishing line made out of energy. This fishing line can be used for offense and for grabbing objects or it can be used for defense.

Ni is currently held by Mugen Mar, one of the saints guards of Viridian.


Also known as the Crimson Blade, San is the 3rd blade of Aren. San is similar in looks to a Nodachi; The white blade is very long and is attached to a hilt of dark wood that is equal in length. The hilt is intricately wrapped in bright red silk, the wrappings are very long and flow off of the bottom of the hilt. San can send slashes of red energy toward the opponent that, if contact is made, cause both physical harm and energy drain. This red energy can also become stationary, acting more like an energy structure.

San is currently held by Kariya Tomi.


Also known as the Reaper Blade, Shi is the 4th blade of Aren. The blade resembles a ninjato, with a matte black finish. The matte finish is so that the blade reflects no light as to not make the user become seen. The power of this blade is complete silence, where swinging the blade makes zero noise and the blade can even dispel sound around the user.

Shi is currently held by Kai Hikari, the Oni of Viridian.


Also known as the Prayer Blade, Go is the 5th blade of Aren. Go resembles a bokken wrapped in blue prayer beads. When magic is flowed into the blade, a healing aura is produced. The healing aura is able to heal wounds and cuts, but takes time for larger or more egregious injuries. The blade develops an energy edge that hovers in front of the weapon, giving the weapon the ability to cut. The healing aura also slightly negates pain, allowing the wielder to withstand more pain than usual. The aura wraps around the user, but will heal anything touching it as long as its touching the injury.

Go currently resides at the Temple of Light.


Also known as the Ignition Blade, Roku is the 6th blade of Aren. Roku has the appearance of a black katana with cracks in it that surge with energy when used. This weapon amplifies the action the user takes, making them both faster and more powerful. The amplification is started at the beginning of the action, so throwing the weapon still applies the amplification effect to it.

Roku is currently held by Haruu Bastion.