Bluegrim is a member of Primordial Dawn, and is known to have terrifying abilities.

His puppet doesn't talk very much, making bluegrim seem very mysterious.

Appearance Edit

Bluegrim is a taller man with faded blue hair and dark eyes. He wears a black long sleeve shirt and baggy khaki pants.

Bluegrim's puppet wears a faded khaki cloak that covers the bottom half of its face and reaches down to its ankles. It wears a thick headband on its head, covering the top half of its face except for its hair, which matches bluegrim's, and its eyes. The small part of the face that you can see is all black with red eyes peering out. Under its cloak it has an all black jumpsuit with large black boots.

History Edit

Bluegrim was surprised to find that a mere human could wield the Black Art when he met Bayinika, commending her for her accomplishments. He was even more impressed to learn that her use of the art came from a connection with Thadora, although he still states that while Thadora is powerful, "this mere demon's puppet" is still not nearly as powerful as him.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Black Art Edit

Bluegrim is known to have the terrifying black art, a pure and powerful form of the darkness affinity. This is one of the most ancient arts and is older than recorded history. This archaic art is able to accomplish many feats deemed impossible, and takes a highly skilled, highly intelligent practitioner to safely utilize.

Puppet Clone Edit

Bluegrim rarely shows his true form, he usually hides somewhere close to the battlefield and fights using a clone made of pure darkness. He is able to channel all of his energy through his clone, as he forms it from his very soul. This technique makes it extremely difficult to defeat him, as you must find his real body to actually do any damage, while defending from his puppet that is able to use all of his powers. Since his soul is used to form his clone, Bluegrim cannot use techniques himself while his clone is active, only relying on using techniques through his clone.

Camouflage Edit

Bluegrim is able to hide himself in the surroundings, staying hidden while his clone fights for him.

Techniques Edit

  • Black Gravity Chains - Bluegrim can create black chains that can manipulate gravity. When this technique is used the chains usually appear from under the clones cloak. Anything within the radius of these black chains are affected by their powers, he can cause them to crush an enemy or to trap an opponent in a gravity field.
  • Dark Field Barrier - Bluegrim can create a powerful barrier that is nearly impenetrable.
  • Tenebrous Needles - Bluegrim is able to create needles out of his black art that he can rapidly fire at an opponent. These needles are powerful enough to destroy the landscape such as trees and rocks.
  • Summoning: Black Seal Tomb - Bluegrim summons a large black stone coffin that works as a powerful binding technique. This technique allows him to seal extremely powerful beings.
  • Summoning: Abyss Stones - Bluegrim is able to summon the Abyss stones, tall black monoliths that are said to have legendary powers. The Abyss stones enhance the dark affinity and weaken the light affinity in the area that they are summoned.
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