Bya is the king of Lower Mangori. He is a somewhat laid back and comedic man, which leads many people to vastly underestimate his power.

Bya is quite a pessimistic man, having ruled over a nation at war for so long. Though he seems like a negative person, he is forgiving and empathetic as well as extremely wise.

Appearance Edit

Bya is a rather short man, with very dark skin. His short, black curly hair is usually covered with an orange cloth hat. He wears loose fitting orange clothing with a red sash. He wears various jewelry and is typically seen smoking out of a long wooden pipe.

History Edit

Bya took part in ending the Mangor-Enwe war after his son was killed in battle and he re-assumed the throne.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Fire Manipulation Edit

Bya is able to use his fire affinity to manipulate flames. He typically uses these techniques for offense, creating powerful spouts of flames from his hands. Bya has mastered his use of the fire affinity over his many years and is a powerful adversary even in his old age.

Exceptional Flame Control Edit

Bya has an exceptional control over his fire affinity. Allowing him to accomplish feats such as negating an opponents fire without breaking a sweat. He can also peer into flames to divine information.

Earth Manipulation Edit

Bya is able to manipulate his earth affinity. He typically uses these techniques for defense, creating massive earthen walls to protect from both magical and physical attacks. He was able to nearly master this affinity in the many years he has spent training, though Bya states that he is more skillful with his fire affinity.

Molten Edit

Bya is able to mix his fire and earth affinities to use lava based techniques. He developed this somewhat later in his life, before he first became the king of Mangori. He is exceptional in its use, usually causing molten earth to flow over his hand or whip around him.

Techniques Edit

  • Earthen Barricade - Bya creates a massive wall of earth to protect a large area from assault.
  • Molten Hand - Bya can cover his hand in molten rock, allowing him to increase his physical power as well as tear through magical barriers.


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