Cerc is an officer in Calibur One, and twin brother of Lyra Comet

Appearance Edit

Cerc has bright blue eyes and short, jet black hair. He wears the Calibur One outfit, consisting of a stiff light grey long coat and light grey thigh-high boots, with a royal blue long sleeve undershirt. He keeps a vial of his sisters blood on his waist, only to be used in emergencies.

History Edit

While historically, the vampira body modification was only able to be inherited by the female line of his family, Cerc was able to acquire the technique. While this is largely thought of being possible through his close relation to his older twin sister, Lyra, nobody is certain how he has it. He has always been working hard to live up to his more powerful older sister, even though they are only a few minutes apart.

Equipment Edit

Pistol Edit

Cerc carries a ballistic pistol with him, he says that he prefers it over energy items and refers to ballistic weapons as "more reliable".

Abilities Edit

Gale Manipulation Edit

Cerc was able to master the mandatory gale manipulation, the signature of Calibur One, using it to create disorienting attacks that give him the edge over his opponents.

Blood Manipulation Edit

Cerc was able to develop his water affinity into blood manipulation, as is customary in his family. He has become quite powerful with the art, favoring powerful enhancer style techniques like those of his sister.

Body Modification: Vampira Edit

Cerc inherited somewhat of a bastard version of vampira. While he doesn't fully transform, the black cracks still appear on his skin, although he keeps his normal skin, eye, and hair color. This form allows him all the physical benefits of a normal vampira, but he is unable to use the blood of others to power him up. Surprisingly, the only blood that can increase his strength is the blood of his sisters, which temporarily gives him the full vampira form (although he still cannot utilize the blood of others). This work-around is only to be used in emergencies though, as since the body modification isn't meant for him, it damages his internal organs when in its full form.

Techniques Edit

  • Gale Strike - Cerc punches towards the target with his gale art, causing an area of effect as well as changing the air pressure in the immediate vicinity which disorients the hearing of the target.
  • Compressive Gale - Cerc is able to increase the air pressure around his fist, firing off a large concussive blast that is capable of cracking boulders.
  • Blood Enhancer: Bloody Grip - Cerc is able to enhance his own blood, causing it to become enchanted, in a way. This technique allows him to "call his blood back to himself" bringing whatever it is on back with it. In usage, he is able to pull objects such as weapons or items towards him as long as it is stained with enough of his blood. In his full vampira form (only gotten from drinking the blood of his twin sister) he is even capable of pulling his opponents towards him, provided they are spattered with enough of his blood.
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