Chablis Deus is the current director of Blue Garden Academy, known as the Don. He is the youngest Don in history at this prestigious school and is very skilled with arts as well as a notable intelectual.

Appearance Edit

Chablis has medium length light green hair with the sides and back shaven short. He has lightly tanned skin and green eyes as well. He wears a tan long coat with an off-white button-up shirt and black fitted dress pants with a dark grey tie.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Lantern of Ornecia Edit

Chablis has an item called the Lantern of Ornecia, which is a tiny lantern that he keeps on his back belt loop on his pants. the lantern has a soft blue flame in it and has the ability to regulate the temperature of items he applies the flames to. Chablis usually uses this by swiping his hand over the lantern before touching his tea, keeping it hot, but he can also use it for something more complicated such as passing through fire or being unaffected by fevers.

Abilities Edit

Sound Manipulation Edit

Chablis has developed his air affinity into a sound-based art. He uses his art in order to eliminate sound in the environment, making him and everything he interacts with have zero sound. He can make entire explosions completely soundless and can cause the ambient sounds of the environment to disappear.

Techniques Edit

  • Shambles - Chablis's ability to nullify the sound that an object would make.
    • Shambles: Proxime - This ability allows Chablis to nullify the sound of anything that he touches, but not something he is not physically touching.
    • Shambles: Tantum - This allows Chablis to nullify the sound of something that no part of him has come in contact within the last 30 minutes.
    • Shambles: Magna - This technique requires a lot of energy, but allows Chablis to nullify all of the sounds within a given area, with the size depending on the amount of energy put into the technique and extending up to 50 meters.
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