Chronus Armagir is the leader of Primordial Dawn.

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Chronus is able to manipulate the archaic art of time. He has a unique way of manipulating his art, where he will invoke a technique long before he uses it, sort of like a trap with conditions. He is extremely skilled in the use of this art and does not need to use the archaic hand symbol for low energy techniques.

Techniques Edit

  • False Kings - Chronus concentrates his art to his hands. After using the hand symbol, whatever he touches with his hands will begin to rapidly decay, turning into dust.
  • Tyrant Immortal - Chronus can "rewind" any damage dealt to him as long as he has energy and is able to form the hand symbol.
  • Infinity Guard - This is a technique that Chronus can utilize without forming a hand symbol. Chronus can create an invisible energy field around him that slows down time when something enters the field. The field has a radius of about five feet, and Chronus has enough energy to keep this ability activated almost indefinitely. This allows Chronus to react to almost anything that comes within the field, giving the appearance of extreme reflexes.
  • Eternity - Chronus can trap his opponent in an infinite loop of any situation. This technique is hard to use mid battle but is very effective if he is able to get it off. This technique is useful outside of the battlefield as well, doing things such as keeping pursuers or other unwitting targets trapped in a loop.
  • Singularity Seed - This ability allows Chronus to fire a bolt of his energy, which upon contact expands the time around it. This expansion of time creates a void, resulting in emptiness. The time then contracts to normal, but the hole left by the expansion remains.
  • Epoch Reign - This technique uses a massive amount of energy, but allows Chronus to reverse all time. The furthest he could go back is an hour, expending all of his energy.
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