The Coalition of Glistan (COG) is a large alliance of many of the countries on the continent of Glistan. The Coalition is made up of 8 countries. These 8 countries are: Alabasta, Dagara, Lejira, Entarai, Mangori, Mbori, Tababrin, and Haizm.

Special Circumstances Edit

Haizm is the only country of the Briejan Union that it also in COG, this is because the rest of the countries on the peninsula see no need for a continent-wide coalition and feel that it would only become a waste of money and resources.

Methos Gran is currently speaking with the leaders of COG in order to figure out a way to join the coalition. Talks are quite complicated, as the people of Methos Gran do not agree to the open-door policy of the Coaltion, Where the would have to completely open their borders and allow free travel through them for any citizen of a country within the coalition.

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