Coven is an assassin that works out of Stalor. He lives in Nightwich, a city near the capital Astara, Stalor. He is a gun for hire, with a witty tongue and laid back attitude. While his demeanor may say otherwise, he is a ruthless killer with impressive skill.

Appearance Edit

Coven has spiky white hair and keeps a black bandage wrapped around one eye. He wears a plain black longsleeve shirt that he rolls up, along with black pants and black combat boots.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Kingslayer Edit

His blade, Kingslayer, is a very long nodachi, with no hilt or guard, just the metal from the blade that goes into the hilt. Tied to the end of his blade is a long red rope. This long red rope also acts like the sheath, wrapping around the blade when not in use. While sheathed, the rope is wrapped around the blade, but while unsheathed the rope just flows. The rope has a small pyramid shaped blade at the end of it. Kingslayer is a blade that is able to cut nerves without causing exterior harm if the skill level of the user is high enough. The red rope can constrict enemy movements and the blade on the end contains poison. He refuses to kill with a gun as he states that it's "too easy" and that there's "no taste in it".

Abilities Edit

Teleportation Edit

Though artless, Coven is able to teleport short distances. It is unknown how Coven learned this ability, but he is able to utilize the archaic art of teleportation. After creating the teleportation hand sign, Coven is able to teleport to any location he can see. He has only been able to master this short range for of teleportation, which is itself a massive feat. He may only do this a couple of time before he uses up his small energy reserves.

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