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​The Dafaren Rangers are a group of elves from Lustana that lived in Dafaren. They were known to be among the strongest out of the neighboring villages, second only to the warriors at the Grass Bells.


Dafaren was a village in Lustana that was mostly populated by elves. Due to the events that took place during the Calamity of Dafaren, a name given to an odd occurence in which the villagers of Dafaren mysteriously vanished, it has become a ghost town. Before the Calamity, it was a bustling fishing village that produced high quality warriors. The village was known for its unique and powerful healing magic techniques.


The Dafaren Rangers had an iconic set of equipment and armor. The armor was made up of lightweight dark leather armor, consisting of gloves, boots, a belt, shoulder armor, and a leather chestplate. Under the leather armor, Dafaren Rangers wear a dark green jacket that has short sleeves and flows down to just above the knee. They also wear a pale green long sleeve shirt and pale grey pants. Their weapons has the Dafaren Ranger insignia on the hilt.