Dagara is a country largely populated by humans. The southern part of the country is arid and savannah-like, while the northern and western parts of the country are more forested.

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Halos Edit

Halos is the capital of Dagara, and is located on the southern shore of the country, lying on the Dagaran gulf.

Lacora Edit

Lacora is a city located in south-eastern Dagara, on the wide savannas. The city is one of Dagara's major military outposts, as well as a popular tourist destination. This city is also the seat of the second Sentry, the highest ranked sentry that doesn't reside in the capital. Hydrum, one of the Five Priests, is located in this city.

Zela Edit

The seat of the 3rd Sentry, Zela is essentially a large village lying on the vast dagaran savannas, shrouded by tall grasses and dotted with sparse trees. While the village is much more rural and traditional than the other Sentry seats in Dagara, it is in a strategic location and is filled with capable warriors. Nicknamed "The Yellow Village" due to all of the Nombuyiselo bushes planted there as a gift from Mangori.

Baras Edit

Baras is the seat of the 7th Sentry.

Valen-Hara Edit

Valen-Hara is the seat of the 5th Sentry and lies in the northern forests of the country, close to the western shore. The Belgior estate, a massive estate lying on a remote part of the western coast, is just outside of this city.

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The Dagaran military is lead by 8 Sentries, with the King also being the high sentry and being the only military power above them. The first sentry stays in the capital city of Halos, with each subsequently residing in key cities spread throughout the country. Each of the 7 outlying cities are connected to the capital vial high-speed rail.

The rest of the military is divided into multiple regimens of reserved troops, that are trained and tested periodically to make sure that they are still good soldiers. The regimens, depending on the area they are in, use the sentry cities as field outposts which they use as their line of communication back to Halos.

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