Dashin is a member of the COG Peacekeeping Force. Being on an elite team of soldiers that try to maintain stability throughout the Glistanan nations. His partner is Kogali Mawe, another COG Peacekeeper

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Sand Manipulation Edit

Dashin can manipulate sand with great expertise and control. One of Dashin's most notable techniques is the ability to move himself and others extremely fast through any sand medium. This technique is called sand teleportation due to the speed at which he can traverse a desert.

Sound Manipulation Edit

Dashin also has the ability to generate powerful sound waves. He typically uses sound waves that confuse or in some way hinder his opponent in stead of using brute force. He is also known for his unique combination of sand and sound, creating strange constructs that effect the mind or can trigger earthquakes.

Techniques Edit

  • Sand Teleportation - Dashin can move through any sand medium extremely fast, making nearly teleportation as long as hes moving through sand. Dashin can also bring others with him.
  • Grand Desertification - Dashin can conjure up large quantities of sand, creating massive sandstorms that cover a large area in sand once they settle. This is enough sand to allow him to use his sand teleportation technique.
  • Tremor Stones - Dashin can create large sandstone monoliths that can have a varying number of holes and designs carved into them. The design of these monoliths denotes their abilities.
    • Tremor Stones: Shattered Towers - Dashin creates four large, intricately carved sandstone towers in the four cardinal directions around him. These monoliths can cause small earthquakes using where Dashin was standing as the epicenter.
    • Tremor Stones: Disorientation - Dashin creates 8 thin sandstone towers with lots of holes in them in an octagon. They then emit a blaring sound that disorients anybody caught within them, causing severe headaches and distracting them from being able to fight. Dashin does not seem affected by the sound.
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