Delric is one of the Hariko orphans, and the only one that stayed in Sirisia. He was always very interested in learning about arts and how techniques are created.

Appearance Edit

Delric has short brown hair and brown eyes, with a slight beard. He wears the typical uniform of the sirisian army: a black combat vest with the sirisian emblem on the chest, a deep blue plate long-sleeve shirt under the vest, black pants, and black combat boots.

History Edit

After training with the Cerule, Delric when on to join the army at Riverfront. He rose quickly in the ranks due to his exceptional ability and became Militia General of the RIverfront 1st Militia. After the Sirisian War, Delric became Magnate, and worked tirelessly to begin postwar reconstruction.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Water Manipulation Edit

Being trained by the Cerule, Delric has exceptional control of his water affinity and is able to freely shape the water he uses to his desires. He specializes in a structure style of techniques that allow him to make intricate constructions out of his art. His structures always start out as circles of water that expand to create the necessary shape.

Techniques Edit

  • Rainwater Cage - A multi-use technique, Delric is able to create a dome of water of varying sizes. He can use it to defend himself and others from offensive attacks, as well as use it to imprison his opponents.
  • Waterjet Cannon - Delric forms a large canon that fires high speed discs of water.
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