Diora is the captain of the Hartfell Paladins, the specialized military force of Cathedral, a city in Viridian.

Appearance Edit

Diora has swavy lavender hair that falls to shoulder height. She has Giga's tattoo around her neck.

History Edit

Diora was a normal businesswoman working in Hartfell when she was kidnapped. She was taken to a research facility in the gordros where experiments were being conducted on how to ascend into godhood. Diora's blood was continuously infused with gods blood, making her extremely sick. She would go under other various experiments such as electrocution and injection of various chemicals. The experiments were all largely failures, and Diora was the only of the patients to survive by the time the facility was raided by the viridian military. She was taken to a hospital and treated for her wounds and ailments, where it was found that her blood was partially composed of gods blood. While it is still unknown how it occurred it is theorized to be due to the continual transfusions Diora had underwent.

Once better, Diora trained to build her strength and athleticism in order to join the Hartfell Paladins, the police force of her home city. Over the years, Diora has slowly been promoted all the way to the rank of captain.

Equipment Edit

Godrium Rifle Edit

Diora carries a godrium rifle with her at all times. The rifle covered in old holy viridi inscriptions.

Short Executioner's Blade Edit

Diora carries a blade that is in the style of a small version of an executioner's blade. The blade is also heavily inscripted with viridi holy texts.

Abilities Edit

Close Combat Master Edit

Diora is exception at close combat and is able to take on multiple opponents at once.

Blood of the Gods Edit

Due to the countless experiments conducted on her, Diora's blood is partially made up of gods blood. She is able to reap the benefits of a small amount of the innate qualities of gods blood, such as increased healing abilities. The red of human blood and the shimmering gold of gods blood gives Diora's blood a glittering bronze color.

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