Dominion, previously known as Gurkon Dorum, was an orc lieutenant in the Kharol Covenant military. He was brainwashed by Rhazan and Ghost to go to Grimm Shaw in order to get more powerful, where he was turned into the hybrid Dominion.

Dominion is now the servant of Lucan

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Gurkon was bestowed Gluttony early in his life, at the very kindling of the Wrathmirian civil war. He was furious about the war and promptly hated the Wrathmirian Purification Army, believing that they were greedy beasts with an insatiable hunger for more land.

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Dominion possesses the Sin Weapon Gluttony, a gauntlet that can sap magical power from a person. After becoming a Hybrid, Dominion can now alter the properties of Gluttony so that it can also Sap a persons life force.

The sin move of Gluttony is called Ardenter. Before undergoing hybridization, Dominion was of sound mind to utilize this technique for short periods of time without going insane. In his current condition, it is likely that he could not recover from using Ardenter and therefore it is saved for a last resort.

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