Doriyan is a professor at Ivoria, a prestigious arts academy in Entarai. There he teaches many courses, but he specializes in golemancy. He is also on the school's defense commission, ensuring that Ivoria is protected in the event of an attack.

Appearance Edit

Doriyan has brown eyes, tanned skin and black hair that he keeps very short. He wears a dark blueish-green dress shirt tucked into grey dress pants, he wears no tie or blazer. He also wears dark brown dress shoes and a matching belt with a classy buckle.

History Edit

Doriyan was born in Lejira, and always had a fascination with golems. He was accepted to and graduated from Ivoria before he returned to his home country and began to work as a golemsmith. He created intricate golems for Lejiran aristocrats and furthered his research into golemancy, publishing various papers on the topic. Many years later, impressed with his work, the hiring faculty at Ivoria asked Doriyan to come back to the school as a replacement for the old golemancy professor.

Abilities Edit

Blue Steel Manipulation Edit

Doriyan has developed his earth affinity in such a way that he is able to manipulate metal, which he does to a great degree, creating a strong metal that has the appearance of blue steel.

Golemancy Edit

Doriyan is a skilled golemancer, and is considered one of the best in the world. He metal constructs have proven to be both intricate and robust, with great attacking power as well as good maneuverability. The complexity of his golems are unmatched by most, with Doriyan being able to fill them with weapons and gadgets of all kinds.

Techniques Edit

  • Adamantine Defense - A technique that Doriyan developed for the protection of Ivoria. The technique activates defensive precautions that Doriyan put in place in case of an emergency. A large metal wall rises from the water, encircling the island. The wall is inlaid with both energy and technological defenses. There are turrets that can be manned, as well as items imbued into the wall that make it more resilient to both physical attacks and arts. On each cardinal direction, there is a massive metal golem - nearly the size of the wall - that is stored inside of the wall. Doriyan can activate a golem and control it in order to defend the school. Due to the size and complexity of the golems, Doriyan can only control one at a time.
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