Dragons are creatures that inhabit all corners of the world. They are powerful magical beings with great knowledge, as they are said to live for extremely long periods of time. The more powerful dragons are able to bestow their powers upon other mortals, allowing them to be that dragon's champion.

History Edit

Before the advent of magic, dragons thrived all over the world and lived in peaceful separation from the mortals. But after magic was brought to humans and elves, they began to hunt dragons for their land and power. Eventually Groddrun, The Royal Sun Wyvern, used his immense magical power to open a sub - dimension where dragons can live peacefully.

Due to his sacrifice, he cannot enter back into the normal plane by himself, but before he had left he had made a pact with a human that would allow him to be summoned back if needed. This summoning has been passed down through the Zrance family for generations.

The Exalted Edit

The Exalted are the most powerful and the oldest dragons in existence, they are rumored to have lived since the beginning of time and survived through the dragon hunts. All of the Exalted are still present in the mortal plane, with the exception of Groddrun. These dragons live in isolated areas and some still champion mortals.

Groddrun, Sovereign of the Sun Edit

Groddrun is possibly the most powerful of all of the dragons, and is the one that created the sub - dimension where most dragons now reside.

Nydry, The Coral Mother Edit

Nydry is known as the queen of the water dragons and resides in the coral caves, an isolated cave system in the serpent sea.

Cidonti, The Gilded Dragon Edit

Cidonti is a powerful dragon that was eventually bested in battle by Leonius Amarel. He is known to create his own pocket dimension, and can be called to Leo's side at any moment.

Pion, The Demon Dragon King Edit

Pion is both a demon and a dragon that, against Pion's will, possessed Jizo Susano. He possesses powerful devil flame techniques.

Mizzor, Idol of Lightning Edit

Mizzor is considered extremely powerful even among the Exalted. He possesses powerful lightning manipulations. He lives somewhere in the Gordros mountains and is said to be father to all lightning dragons. He lives with Loteliss and the two are always seen together.

Loteliss, The Sparkwing Edit

Loteliss is considered extremely powerful even among the Exalted and posesses powerful Lightning manipulations. She lives somewhere in the Gordros mountains and is said to be the mother of all lightning dragons. She lives with Mizzor and the two are always seen together.

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