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Dust is a secret organization, founded by Brummadsaya Medri, that has the main objective of toppling governments in Glistan. Brummadsaya believes that the current governments are filled with corruption and need to be completely changed. She has said that the organization is ready to "purify the continent and finally bring an end to corruption".

The dust headquarters are in Matashana, Lejira but there are outposts all over the Glistanan continent. Brummadsaya utilizes these outpost to conduct covert mission with the aim of destabilizing governments. Each of the outposts are controlled by her elite warriors called Absolvers. Each of these Absolvers were given "divine gifts" from Brummadsaya herself in order to carry out their duties with absolute success.

Divine Gifts[]

Brummadsaya is in possession of a powerful, experimental technology that is able to seal items or even animals into the human body. She was able to purchase this item from Bellaxandor Mink, who wanted to see how well it worked before he continued research and production. This sealing item is not only expensive to make, but expensive to use, requiring a large fire ruby that is consumed upon sealing. The instrument creates a small red dot on the person's body where the item was sealed.