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Dymen Nogun is the king of the Iris Islands. He is a powerful king but is full of joy and laughter and likes to make light of most situations. He was born without the ability to manipulate an affinity, but despite this has still become the most powerful king of the Iris Islands in their history.


Dymen is a elf with tanned skin; black, mid-length hair worn in a bun; and blue eyes. He wears a simple outfit of grey pants, brown shoes, and a long sleeve navy quarter-turtleneck t-shirt. When in royal meetings he wears a delicate gold crown.




Borael is a beast possession resembling a red panda. Boreal bestows upon Dymen the art of boundless flames, which cannot be extinguished by normal means and do not burn out. These liquid flames are easier to shape and allow for better control. Borael's flames are considered to be beautiful, as they are said to look like a lush forest at the height of autumn, with vibrant reds, yellows, browns, and oranges all mixing in the flames in a mesmerizing display.


Agmon is a demon possession, who is a lesser demon in Bagorum living in the realm of Abiram. Agmon bestows upon Dymen combustion art, allowing him to utilize various techniques dealing with combustive explosions. Dymen typically invokes Agmon in his left arm, turning it a smoky gray with brilliant white crystalline spikes protruding from the elbow, shoulder, and wrist all pointing up the arm. The arm secrets glowing orange liquid that collects in Dymen's palm, which he can then slather on anything he wants. Dymen can then trigger the liquid to explode whenever he chooses, the more liquid explosive he uses the more powerful the explosion.


Rhodum is a god possession of a mythical blacksmith, who bestows upon dymen his unique art of Forge. Forge allows dymen to craft weapons for his use in and out of combat, with more powerful weapons taking more time to craft. The major weakness of Rhodum's blessing is that Dymen cannot move while he is crafting an item. This weakness is not as apparent in weaker items that craft in seconds, but it becomes a much larger concern when crafting more powerful items.


  • Liquid Bolt - Dymen fires a ball of his boundless flame towards his opponent, the flame splashes upon contact with some barricade, and reforms on the other side, making it difficult to block by normal means.
  • Forge: Cyclone Lance - Dymen forges a lance that is able to suck in wind using a motor on the back of the lance, and use that wind to increase the speed and power of its attacks.
  • Agmons Dominance - Dymen concentrates a large amount of liquid in his palm, he then throws it in front of himself and ignites it in the air, causing a large explosion in an arc that blasts away anything in his path.