Ebon is a Sigil Hunter from Methos Gran. His partner is Girin Lylta. He is part of the Sigil Hunting guild Vermilion.

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Equipment Edit

Jet Boots Edit

Ebon wears a pair of jet boots that allow his to jump far distances.

Rocket Katana Edit

Ebon wields a katana that has a jet in the hilt that can be used to increase the power of his attacks.

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Sigils Edit

Ebon is an adept Sigil Hunter, and therefore is in possession of many powerful Sigils. He specializes in lightning-based sigils in order to increase their power, but not all of Ebon's sigils are exclusively lightning based.

God Sigils

  • Blue Spirit Sigil: This God Sigil calls upon a mysterious blue spirit in white robes carrying a thin scythe with multiple blue ragged ribbons attached to it. The spirit not only powers up Ebons other Sigils but can also "graft" one of Ebon's Sigils onto himself, allowing him to use it. Ebon may also give the spirit things to hold and put him away, somewhat like dimensional storage. The sigil appears as a thin blue scythe on his left bicep.

Legend Sigils

  • Raijin Gauntlet: This legend sigil forms a lightning gauntlet on Ebon's right hand, allowing him to fire bolts of lightning as well as electrically charge objects. He can also use it to stick to walls and ceilings. The Sigil appears as a circle on his palm that connects to circles on the tips of his fingers with thin lines.

Hero Sigils

  • Electodome Sigil: Ebon is able to form a protective barrier of electricity around an area. The Sigil appears as a geodesic dome on his left shoulder.
  • Thundercaller Sigil: Ebon is able to charge the air around him, allowing him to fire lightning down from the sky with devastating power and speed. The tattoo appears as a geometric lightning bolt on his left forearm.
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