Emen is one of the Hariko orphans who survived Ryazan's attack on Hariko Village.

Appearance Edit

Emen has medium length brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a black sleeveless shirt with dark grey pants and brown boots.

History Edit

After the events in Hariko Village, Emen traveled to Koskain to become a mercenary.

He dies in the Sirisian War.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Water Manipulation Edit

Emen is able to concentrate all of his power into one arm, allowing him to cast devastatingly powerful techniques despite the fact that he doesn't have large reserves of energy.

Techniques Edit

  • Raging Storms Gauntlet - Emen concentrates his power into his left arm, causing water to rapidly swirl around it. Using this gauntlet he is able to fire powerful blasts of water from his arm.
  • Stormbreaker Shield - Emen is able to create a massive shield of water emanating from his left arm.
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