​Queen Emonora resides in Summercoast, the capital of Yuspar and one of the last major ports not overrun by pirates. She is known as the Queen of the Shores. While seemingly not actually being able to fight herself, Emonora is known to be highly intelligent and a very capable politician and diplomat.

Appearance Edit

Emonora is a very regal woman with long brown hair and deep blue eyes.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Emonora carries a small dagger hidden in her dress.

Abilities Edit

Stasis Sigil Edit

While it is illegal, Emonora owns a Sigil from Methos Gran. She very rarely uses it, as she isn't much of a fighter, but saves it for dire situations. Emonora's Sigil can temporarily paralyze anyone in her immediate surroundings. She uses this to escape or to quickly kill someone if she needs to, by paralyzing them and then stabbing them with a dagger. The Sigil is located on the back of her neck, hidden from view so that she can keep her secret.

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