Energy Items consist of weapons and artifacts that are able to draw on the same energies as arts users. There are many of these items in the world of all calibers, and many being made as well.

Classes of Energy Items Edit

There are multiple classifications of energy items that aim to rank them according to quality and power.

D Class Edit

The weakest class of energy items. Many of these items are weak artifacts that are intending for a specific use.

C Class Edit

Mildly stronger than the D class, the energy weapons and artifacts in this class are relatively weak items. Many beginning warriors have these items, as they are easier to control for people who aren't yet adept in controlling energy items.

B Class Edit

B class energy items are common yet good quality artifacts and weapons that are useful for beginners and veterans alike.

A Class Edit

A class energy items are powerful weapons and artifacts that can only be crafted by those with high skill. Many A class items are given as gifts to rulers. as a show of status.

Halia Class Edit

Halia class energy items are extremely powerful weapons and artifacts that exist in the world. Many Halia class items have unknown origins, although it is possible for extremely powerful and skilled smiths to create such items. This is the most rare class of items, due to the extreme difficulty of obtaining or creating them.

Baifal Class Edit

Baifal class energy items can only be made in Baifal. These artifacts and weapons are unique in craftsmanship and known for their superb quality. Baifal class energy items range in conventional class rankings from D class to Halia Class. the Baifal classification is less a classification of power and more a classification of supremely high quality.

History Edit

Naming Weapons Edit

The culture of naming weapons is widespread throughout the world and dates back to the World State, where Enix Myrtemer encouraged soldiers to name their weapons in order to form a bond with it, making them fight better while using that weapon.

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